OOR Services

Strategic thinking, digital execution

Cloud Based Enterprise IT Consultancy
Being it Amazon, Microsoft Azure or Office365


Who am I?

I am Daniel Oor, a senior Architect consultant, with 30 years of IT expertise, both as Solution Architect, as well as Enterprise Architect.

Cloud Consultant

I have led the migration to the Cloud for a major airline as an Enterprise Architect. During about a year, together with the team, we invested, planned, and executed the migration to both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

I also worked 9 as years a Microsoft employee, advising many Enterprise Customers on their migration to the Azure

Office365 Consultant

Office365 is a great platform, and can result in major savings. But only if implemented properly. I headed several migrations to Offices365, both as Microsoft employee, advising several customers, as well as member of a major airline, offering the Cabin Crew a new collaboration platform.

Aviation expert

Worked more than 3 years at Emirates Airline, one of the world's leading aviation companies.

As Enterprise Architect, I was involved in major projects, such as the migration to the Cloud (both AWS and Azure), the introduction of Office365 to more than 50.000 people, and many more airline related projects

Why Hire Me

  • I will help you to translate your strategy and vision in hard-facts tactics

    Your vision and strategy are key artifacts for a tactical plan and implementation. That translation is what I specialise in.

    Together we will finetune your plan to implement your strategy, and I will help you overcome your technical hurdles

  • I have great expertise in Aviation and Healthcare

    Throughout my career, I have worked in several domains. But I have a sweet spot for Aviation (with a full-time employment by Emirates Airline as an example), as well as Healthcare, with engagements for Abu Dhabi's SEHA (Abu Dhabi's Health Services Company), and projects in Kazakhstan (arguably, one of the cornerstones of today’s scientific and medical advances) among other places.

  • I Deliver on Time

    Throughout my career, getting things done 'on time' has been one of the most difficult aspects of consulting. I have learned to say 'no' to impossible timelines, work longer hours to reach a deadline, and change tactics to make a deadline.